Ignore the anatomy fails and lame coloring, just bask in the glory of a hot Mikasa pegging a needy Levi because we all know she’d be the one ramming that ass by the end of the day



Attack on titans

Anonymous whispered: This is a silly question but are you planning to watch the entire dub even if it doesnt turn out so good?

Most definitely!  While I prefer original source material and base my analysis on that (basically the manga), I have no problems with the dub’s release especially on Toonami where you’ll get a lot of nostalgic fans wanting to rewatch other popular anime like Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist. 

And I agree that it’s going to be awkward to listen to since I believe the voice acting in Japanese to be superior…and really, I never thought that anyone could top Kaji Yuuki, since he puts a lot of emotion into his roles- but there’s something I read that people really need to consider.  Aside the line changes to fit the lip flaps and pacing of the soundtrack, and perhaps suggested changes the studio specifically told Funimation to do in their dubbing process (yes it’s a thing, see Hetalia and England vs Britain), but the actual phrases in Japanese tend to be a lot harsher in pronunciation in comparison to in English when you translate it directly.  For example, ‘fight’ is a lot harsher with its multiple “consonants” in Japanese vs in English.  Japanese words, from what I hear in anime and real life speaking among friends, tend to be really soft or really harsh, whereas in English they don’t always grasp that phonetically when the words are translated directly, so they can have entirely different tones.  Hence a lot of dialogues change to capture the emotion.  I’m sure if people listened to the dub first, no one would really question the script much.

As for personal decision to actually watch all the episodes, I’ve sat through Yugioh’s dub for the entire first series even after I heard the Japanese original.  It’s very different yes, but you do get occasional and unexpected gems from inserted wordplay and lines by actors such as Eric Stuart and Ted Lewis.  Personally, I really love dub!Kaiba and that’s one of the reasons I can endure the dub.  And that’s coming from 4Kids…in which their choice of directing dubs is kinda notorious for being aged down and awkward.  So I don’t doubt I’ll find these within the Attack on Titan dub.  It will always be different from the original anime just as how the anime itself differs from the manga- the tone is always different but people will get the basic idea and enjoy it. 

Not to mention, I will watch it to contribute to giving it ratings because I think the series deserves it.  It’s inevitable that there’s going to be a second season when the time is right, but I would really love to see merchandise in anime stores here in the US without expensive transport from foreign countries.  I want more people in the fandom.  There will be those who will watch the original series and read the manga as a result, so I wouldn’t worry about people solely following the dubbed version.  I was one of the fans who got introduced to the dub before the original and I delved into all sources.  It happened for Yugioh and FMA.  I actually feel so lucky to have discovered Attack on Titan early in its airing because I saw the fandom grow larger and larger and developments like that pleases me.

Sorry for the long reply…but those are my reasons and defenses for the dub.  It’s not for everyone and it doesn’t mean I agree with all the decisions Funimation made, but hey, there’s nothing I can do and I may as well appreciate that they have gone so far as to put the subbed series on iTunes let alone license it for air on Toonami and releasing DVDs- with extras!!


I stayed up all night awaiting the Shingeki commercial to come up on Toonami but it either didn’t happen or I missed it.  Oh well, I’ll get my chance eventually!  I just really like to see commercials of shows I like on actual TV.



I stayed up all night awaiting the Shingeki commercial to come up on Toonami but it either didn’t happen or I missed it.  Oh well, I’ll get my chance eventually!  I just really like to see commercials of shows I like on actual TV.




ok let’s be honest that was like 92.5% posing and looking hot

killing titans with a flare

I’m still not over this gif.

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when ash worked out at the wrong type of gym 



I touched up Rivaille and did a Mikasa wip. I think it looks better with blood?? I need to draw more Eren and Armin and Jean. :< 


oohh one day i was looking how many died in snk, including titans, and this the results